Luxury BathroomModern relaxation room and steam room in a house

There is more that goes into a luxury bathroom than a fancy tub and shower combo. When working with a bathroom renovation and plumbing overhaul, you can use some of the top design trends of 2022 that the experts are using. What upgrades are at the forefront of your to-do list?

Spa elements are on-trend

Calm and convenience are the names of the game, and you can create a personal home spa within your main bathroom. Talk with your bathroom plumbing remodel professional about the addition of spa-inspired elements like:

  • Heated flooring or towel bars
  • Waterfall or mist-effect tubs
  • Walk-in showers with thermostatic shower valves
  • Mood lighting with a sound and entertainment system
  • Luxe finishes like marble, bamboo, stone, and natural wood

Have you ever considered the addition of a wet room?

These laid-back, luxurious spaces are perfect for getting away from it all. Outfit the space with built-in benches, rainfall showerheads, and aromatherapy for the ultimate spa feel.

Get the retro look with vintage vanities and upcycled antiques

Retro always seems to be in, so your bathroom remodels project could shine with the perfect placement of a corner or nook tub, a freestanding clawfoot tub, etc. The ideal vintage vanity from days gone by that has been given a little bit of TLC can make a great focal point. Talking with a professional plumber could even help you transform an antique dresser or dry sink into a contemporary, functional wash basin.

Hide plumbing with chunky fixtures and slab sinks

If you are going for a mid-century feel, add sizable faucets and fixtures to a low-hung slab sink for a stunning, clean design. This is perfect for anyone not fond of visible bathroom plumbing, as slab sinks are great for concealment. 

Other elements to ponder for your modern luxe bathroom in 2022:

  • Smart toilets with features like colored lighting, hands-free flushing, seat warmers, bidet, and ultraviolet sanitation
  • Elegant lighting such as wall sconces or chandeliers with brightness control
  • High-tech extras like waterproof Bluetooth speakers, voice-activated lighting, smart mirrors, on-demand water heaters, etc.
  • Touch-free faucets that are foot-controlled, voice-activated, or work by motion sensor

There is nothing that you cannot do with your budget when you bring in some of the latest luxury trends for bathrooms in 2022!