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When we think of smart homes, we don’t generally think of smart plumbing, but the industry is undoubtedly innovating and helping homeowners have a choice in fixtures and plumbing systems. 

Combining the advance of technology with rising concern for our environment, innovation in plumbing is centered around reasonably priced and clean water management systems. Some of the trends to look out for in 2022 include:

Tech-Savvy Plumbers

Great plumbers keep up with technology and leverage it to benefit their clients. Using sensors on pipes and faucets can alert them to potential problems before they escalate, including corrosion, leaks, and even issues with water pressure. Timely alerts prompt action and help mitigate the damage.

Environmental Concerns

Leaders in the plumbing industry are knowledgeable about the use of greywater and its benefits. Moreover, they are willing and able to share their knowledge with their clients and come together to achieve water conservation. Environmentally aware plumbing firms can offer solutions to their environmentally-conscious clients and make a positive impact.

Fixtures are Also Smart

Consumers are avid for smart plumbing fixtures, and the industry is ready to deliver. Fixtures such as showerheads and toilets focusing on water-saving and energy conservation should see an increased customer base, particularly as the housing market grows. Issues such as water usage and adjusting its flow can be resolved by using new technology.

Brain Pipes Speak for Themselves

Plumbers know that brain pipes, those carrying wastewater to the septic tank, can fail due to corrosion and the passage of time. Homeowners and plumbers alike worry about the repairs they routinely need and the cost they carry. Technology now offers monitoring systems that prompt a text to the homeowner whenever a leak is detected, leaving some time to work on it before the situation is dire.

Forever Homes

Baby Boomers, in particular, have shifted to updating kitchens and baths to create their forever home and make it suitable for their later years. Updates include prioritizing design and style while keeping safety in mind. Creating functional spaces without hindering accessibility is pivotal, and plumbing innovations can help create them.

Touchless Plumbing is Becoming Standard

Touchless may not be standard yet in the heels of the pandemic, but most consumers certainly welcome it. Many brands offer more touchless options that integrate with other smart technology, such as water usage monitoring and even water quality.

Water Quality is Top of Mind

Water filtration is gaining in importance when plumbing systems are installed. Trapping particles and certain elements in the water to increase its quality and purify it. Activated carbon and UV lights are two examples of water filtration systems the plumbing industry offers its clients.

As necessary as plumbing is in a home, we usually don’t pay much attention to it. Instead, we focus on décor, flooring, and design elements. However, the plumbing industry also benefits from innovating technology designed to make our homes more efficient and help preserve the environment. Always find a professional plumbing team with experience installing the latest technology and a proven track record in your area.

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