Even if you entered the plumbing industry in the last ten years, the standard for plumbing systems has changed significantly. The key to having a successful plumbing business is staying on top of the latest trends and knowing what specialty needs are in demand. Smart plumbing fixtures and systems are rapidly becoming part of that need. Here is an overview of some of the critical services to offer your customers. 

Tankless Water Heaters  

The average service life for a hot water tank is roughly eight to twelve years. When tanks, now at the end of their service life,  were purchased, the most significant decisions a property owner had to make was whether they needed a gas or electric-powered tank and its capacity in gallons. Now in the present, when it is time to replace, many people opt for a tankless water heater. These appliances heat the water as it flows through rather than holding and keeping a supply of tens of gallons of water hot, which also means the supply can run out. A tankless model, with a continual supply of heated water on-demand, eliminates this problem. In this way, this upgrade benefits both the environment and the consumer’s bank account.

Hot Water Recirculation Pumps   

This advancement answers pain-points many consumers have, as they keep hot water constantly circulating through the pipes, so there is no waiting when you turn on the shower. These pumps save a large amount of water from going down the drain since you don’t have to run the tap until it feels comfortable enough to step in the shower or tub.

Plant Lovers and Gardeners Love Smart Irrigation Systems

A pain point for many consumers and commercial property owners is needing time to tend to the watering of their lawns and plants. Smart irrigation systems answer that need by allowing someone to control sprinklers or timers by a smartwatch, smartphone, or another control device. Some of these devices communicate with the National Weather Service, so the water does not turn on if there is rain in the forecast. This is another advancement with a goal to both conserve water and save money.   

Early Warning Leak Detection  

A leak that goes on unseen can cause a tremendous amount of damage in a structure and lead to secondary issues such as mold. The use of leak detection helps eliminate that problem—plumbing professionals with a working knowledge of how this system functions can make use of this technology. Enabling them to fast-track finding issues and solutions for clients; these devices work much in the same manner as a smoke detector and get placed in areas of the home where leaks are most likely to occur, such as under sinks and within basements or crawlspaces.

Touchless Smart Faucets 

There are two main types of smart faucets. The first type works through a sensor that detects when a hand is under the tap, and it turns on the water flow. The other type takes this a step further and uses an app that communicates through smartphones or home management devices such as Nest or Alexa. You can ask the faucet to fill a pan with 10 ounces of water or 2 quarts, and it will start and stop at the appropriate amount.

Use these tips to stay on top of the latest advances for consumer and commercial plumbing and enhance the services you currently offer to include installation, repair, or on-going maintenance for the opportunity to obtain a more significant market share of the local business for the foreseeable future.

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